Not To Be Forgotten

Five years ago, the LPGA family lost a good friend and caddie. A truly  unique character, “Shadow” touched the lives of many so it’s only fitting we take a look back. Please click the following link. Shadow Remembered. You may still add comments if you wish.

Then there was this:

Blumenherst turns attention to life off course“I have not lost my love of the game,”

Transgender golfer Bobbi Lancaster’s dreams of qualifying for LPGA …

Acer Partners With LPGA, Expanding Marketing Presence in

Golfing great Nancy Lopez has book deal; memoir to be published

Golf course architect Rees Jones to be honored by Golf Course


2 Responses to Not To Be Forgotten

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    Bobbi Lancaster gives a whole new meaning to the term “hole in one”…

  2. Country Club says:

    I am in France for the fifth major……..,,PRICELESS.
    I am blessed, i am over the pond throwing grass up in the air.
    If i didn’t stop drinking i could be on my FIFTH MAJORSKA and never being able to travel the way i do. I never would have known Shadow or numerous other people i consider true friends.

    I would have never walked across St. Andrews Swilken bridge. I possibly could have still been walking over the George Washington Bridge at 3am. Believe me, walking across the GWB at 3am is way over par. So if you see me throwing up grass on tv at Evian believe that whatever problems you or others have they can be rectified. If i can help myself so can you. I didn’t do it alone, i had good parents who raised me well and prayed for me when i went astray. I am truly blessed……….PRICELESS.

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