Opening Salvo

Are things looking up for the ladies tour?

LPGA Announces 2014 Schedule to Begin in JanuaryThe last time the LPGA played an official money event in January was 2001 …

Then there was this:

Indiana’s French Lick Resort to unveil new Legends Hall of Fame

Renee Powell joins father in Stark County Amateur Golf Hall of Fame

Beatriz Recari conquering demons

3 Responses to Opening Salvo

  1. Ozz says:

    Until the actual FULL schedule is released, you don’t know how big a gap there is after the Bahama’s to the next tournament.

    • Bocajr says:

      The next domestic event is mid march in Phoenix. After Bahamas there will probably s 2 weeks off before Australia and the 2 events in Asia. If the players thought it was expensive to go to bahamasin may , wait til they see the prices in January during peak winter rates. Hopefully they will offer a stipend like they do for Australia

  2. Frank Michaels says:

    What came first…the French Kiss or the French Lick…??

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