See Ya Next Year

Well, maybe not me but some of my buds will.

McChrystal wins Symetra finale; 10 earn LPGA cards

While parking a car for one of our guests, something I’ve haven’t heard for many a year filled the airways via his Sirius Radio connection. It was the Catholic daily mass in Latin. Wow! Memories of pew-sitting in Cleveland’s St. John Cantius Church flittered through my brain.

Picked-up a single loop just before quitting time. A 9-holer turned into touching them all but it was much more than that. Basically, an 18 hole playing lesson by yours truly. Oh, the pressure.

Then there was this:

Lorie Kane Wins Legends Championship at French Lick Resort

9 Responses to See Ya Next Year

  1. DaVinner says:

    Hope it was worth your while.

  2. Frank Michaels says:

    No joke on memories. Nuns patrolling the pews for 9 o’clock kids mass while a priest talked in some weird language as the smell of that incense filled your nose. One move or sound and you got WHACKED by Sister Joseph…

  3. Pete Beau says:

    I gave my son the pleasure of Catholic school (K-8). When an event was called in the gym it would be packed, kids seated in the middle and the parents in the bleachers around the gym. There would be a chatter going on waiting for the evening to begin and when the head penguin (Mother Superior) walked out from behind the curtain the whole place would instantly go silent. The parents would look around and smile knowing that she still had that affect on us 🙂

  4. pcb_duffer says:

    They lost their power over us when it came out that the priest and the head nun were involved in a non-approved way. 😦

  5. Cougar says:

    But aren’t you all better for the experience? They must have taught you something!

    • Ozz says:

      YEP. Look at the Blues Brothers – they had a message from God to help the Penguin lol…..

    • Pete Beau says:

      Yes Cougar!

      Example: when the cops would do a anti-drug meeting the gym was packed, standing room only! They told us that when the same event is held at the local elementary school a good turn-out is 50+. That’s the difference with parents that care and participate along with the education, discipline, and respect that your taught.

  6. ahhh ova here in asia we have diffa typa penquins…I bereve burgess Meredith was penquin

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