Reaching Out

October 30, 2013

Anyone out there have Patrick Swift’s phone number (he’s a caddie on the Webcom Tour) . His “family” would like to contact him. Use the “Contact” button to send it along. Thanks.

Lydia Given The OK

October 28, 2013

LPGA grants membership to 16-year-old Lydia Ko

How about the scores at the Sunrise LPGA Taiwan Championship! Without a cut, the pain never ends for those at the bottom. At least they got a few bucks compensation.

Mexico towns lose power in suspected cartel sabotage – This happened in the state of Michoacan of which the capital is Morelia. Sound familiar? The LPGA used to play in Morelia.

Face of ObamaCare dropped after rollout

Click the link above and tell me she doesn’t look like Samantha Richdale.

richdale samantha hs 132x149Samantha


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Then there was this:

Tseng to host AJGA invitational for girls in 2014 – If they let her play, she may finish in the top ten. Ouch!

I’m On The Map

October 24, 2013

That’s my car (center) on the old Google Maps. Home sweet home.

Funny, but it’s not there on the new maps or Google Earth. Fame is fleeting.


Win One, Lose One?

October 23, 2013

LPGA set to return to Kingsmill

Sunrise chairman unsure if Taiwan LPGA event will happen next year

Then there was this:

CME Group Titleholders Fans Receive Chance to Win $50000 at the

Golf analyst Brandel Chamblee apologizes for calling Tiger Woods a

Ko, 16, takes to YouTube to announce going pro.

Lexi’s brother backs ‘mature’ Ko after pro move

I Hear Music …

October 22, 2013

Was getting gas at Sam’s Club this morning when when the guy on the other side of the pump started playing his trumpet while waiting for his tank to fill. Just thought I’d share that.

On my way there, four cars – all within a few feet of each other – were lined-up on the shoulder changing a flat tire. Must have been some junk on the highway. I was lucky to get by without joining them.

Speaking of music, a new theme park was proposed to the Biloxi City Council and would be fairly close to me if it comes to fruition. Called Mississippi Sound, it would celebrate the music from this area. The developer is Glen Miller. Wonder if he has a band? lol

After this week, Fallen Oak will be closing for a fortnight to over-seed the fairways with the winter growth. What to do?

Wha Happened?

October 20, 2013

From 1st to 32nd for Katherine Hull-Kirk. That’s what shooting a snowman on Sunday will do to ya.

I bet the gallery was cheering on every bogey. You can stop now with your derisive accusations. I’ve been there and seen it with my own eyes.

Stacy Lewis was vilified for her tweets concerning the Chinese fans but she was spot on. The truth is what it is.

The Japanese on the other hand are the most polite folks on the planet.

Looped for a golf writer today. I pummeled him with LPGA stories and was encouraged to pen a book. Too many tales to go unrecorded.

Then there was this:

Suzy Whaley’s favorite golf moment comes full circle | The Spirit of Golf

Rizzo puts Miami women’s golf back on the map

Spartans Well Represented at LPGA Qualifying Tournament

Siam Country Club confirmed to host Honda LPGA Thailand

Kim loses by 1 at Korea Open after rules dispute

Arnold Palmer rode into the Wake Forest game on a motorcycle

Woods’ agent responds to Chamblee

Bogey-free Luna makes history in Germany

Movin’ On Up

October 16, 2013

Former LPGA pro Gail Graham has officially become a member of the Octagon Global Events Team and will be tournament director for Octagon’s two events in Naples, The CME Group Titleholders and the Ace Group Classic.

My six month run with the Progressive Snapshot program is complete. I’m receiving a 22% discount on my next premium. Money in the bank.

Then there was this:

Woods set to pass Nicklaus before swing change, Player says

Suggs, 90, recalls highlights of fruitful career

Back By Popular Demand

October 12, 2013

Over a year ago I looped for a gentleman who once was the voice of he World Series of Poker. Yesterday he returned and requested my presence. He was a guest of one of our regulars so it turned into a foursome.

His memory of our first meeting was much sharper then mine. The long putt he made on nine (I got that one), getting caught in the sprinklers on twelve and the other guy we were paired with were recalled with ease.

Today it was the Fallen Oak Invitational. Fun in the sun as everyone caddied.

Going Pro

October 10, 2013

Ko, 16, will play next event as professional – About time. She’s left too much cash on the table already.

2nd stage of Q-School is underway in Venice FL. Scores here

Amy Anderson Co-Leads LPGA Q-School; Cheyenne Woods Solid

Filled-up at Sam’s Club ($2.93 a gallon, thank you very much) and noticed the attendant dusting the gas pumps with a Swffer Duster. Sitting in that cubicle, watching folks top-up their tanks hour after hour, must bore one to tears. 

Put in another hour at the gate today. The replacement for the fried circuit board finally arrived so it’s now up and running.

A1 Rating?

October 8, 2013

A group of Golfweek course raters were our premier guests today and we all caddied as a result. I got to pick my foursome and chose a surname of which I was familiar. I had worked for Moira Dunn for awhile so when I saw Dunn on the sheet, I took it as a sign.

Found out he was of no relation to the LPGA pro but we did have something in common. Long ago, he had looped twice at Country Club of the North in Dayton OH during the LPGA event. His first rodeo found him on Audra Burk’s bag after her caddie broke his leg falling into a bunker and his second for Carri Wood.

It was a fairly mundane round but I did come upon a small moral dilemma on the fifth hole. Another gent in my group was attacked by a multitude of fire ants after a poor tee ball found him searching for his pellet short of the fairway. Immediately he blamed me for not reminding him there were fire ants in Mississippi and here is the devil/angel tug-of-war erupted.

I had a sting relief swab in my bag but after being chastised, I pondered whether to offer its soothing ointment. I was holding back but by the time we reached the green he was rolling on the turf fighting off the last remaining pests. It was at that point I gave in. Upon returning to our carts I came up with my stash. Good triumphs over evil once again.

Cruisin’ The Coast started on Sunday and continues throughout the week. Plenty of autos on display from bygone eras and all the festivities will permeate the Biloxi scene through the 13th.

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