A1 Rating?

A group of Golfweek course raters were our premier guests today and we all caddied as a result. I got to pick my foursome and chose a surname of which I was familiar. I had worked for Moira Dunn for awhile so when I saw Dunn on the sheet, I took it as a sign.

Found out he was of no relation to the LPGA pro but we did have something in common. Long ago, he had looped twice at Country Club of the North in Dayton OH during the LPGA event. His first rodeo found him on Audra Burk’s bag after her caddie broke his leg falling into a bunker and his second for Carri Wood.

It was a fairly mundane round but I did come upon a small moral dilemma on the fifth hole. Another gent in my group was attacked by a multitude of fire ants after a poor tee ball found him searching for his pellet short of the fairway. Immediately he blamed me for not reminding him there were fire ants in Mississippi and here is the devil/angel tug-of-war erupted.

I had a sting relief swab in my bag but after being chastised, I pondered whether to offer its soothing ointment. I was holding back but by the time we reached the green he was rolling on the turf fighting off the last remaining pests. It was at that point I gave in. Upon returning to our carts I came up with my stash. Good triumphs over evil once again.

Cruisin’ The Coast started on Sunday and continues throughout the week. Plenty of autos on display from bygone eras and all the festivities will permeate the Biloxi scene through the 13th.


3 Responses to A1 Rating?

  1. Ozz says:

    So I haven’t been the only one to break a leg on that course. In 2000, working for Siew Ai Lim, took the short cut over the road from #1 green to #2 tee, and took a fall whilst walking around the garden bed. Out of action for 2 months, had to drive from Dayton, Oh to Weatherford TX via Murray KY, where I did my rehab. My Niece was living there. Travel insurance covered all the cost.

  2. Cougar says:

    Several caddies have gone down in recent years. I think it was Maggie Will who needed three caddies in one round in L.A. one year.

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