Going Pro

Ko, 16, will play next event as professional – About time. She’s left too much cash on the table already.

2nd stage of Q-School is underway in Venice FL. Scores here

Amy Anderson Co-Leads LPGA Q-School; Cheyenne Woods Solid

Filled-up at Sam’s Club ($2.93 a gallon, thank you very much) and noticed the attendant dusting the gas pumps with a Swffer Duster. Sitting in that cubicle, watching folks top-up their tanks hour after hour, must bore one to tears. 

Put in another hour at the gate today. The replacement for the fried circuit board finally arrived so it’s now up and running.

13 Responses to Going Pro

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    Xiyu Lin …here they come…the second wave of the Asian Assault …

    • Ozz says:

      Frank, Lydia Ko maybe of Asian descent, but she is 100% Kiwi (New Zealand) and has represented NZ at international level. If her Father had not decided on NZ o live, she would have been Canadian.

      • Frank Michaels says:

        I know … I’m talking about the Chinese …

      • Ozz says:

        Totally agree….

      • Bocajr says:

        Ozz, unfortunately she will be lumped with the Koreans in public perception because of her last name . Good or bad the jury is out although the American public will like her if she wins but will always be disappointed by the current crop of Americans that have failed to live up to their expectations ie Kerr , Cramer even wie .

      • Ozz says:

        Bocajr, will Ko be automatically be given exempt status on the Tour next year, as she has had 2 LPGA- Canadian Open wins, or does she still have to go through Q School.

  2. Bocajr says:

    Ko gets no LPGA exemption for winning . I assume she has applied for the age waiver and the commissioner will either give her full status next year or grant her eligibility to go thru q school. There is an exemption for any amateur ranked in top 25 Rolex to go straight to finals . Funny how they came up with that one! Charley hull applied for waiver and chose to use her 6 exemptions plus her entries into the majors to secure a card via next yrs money list. Ko could do that as well and by being a non member can play all over the world without being restrained by LPGA membership and the conflicts between LPGA and other tours.

  3. Bocajr says:

    Looks like she would get in based on category 7. However the shortsightedness of LPGA doesn’t clarify wether pro or amateur plus there is a provision for entering finals of q school if you are an amateur with a top 25 world ranking so they made that one up for ko as she would have needed that exemption had she not won THIS year .

  4. terry says:

    Ozz says: “Frank, Lydia Ko maybe of Asian descent, but she is 100% Kiwi.”

    If you had said she is half Kiwi, I’d agree. But she was born in Korea and 1st generation Korean immigrants are rather notorious for sticking together and they tend to stay very true to their roots.

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