Wha Happened?

From 1st to 32nd for Katherine Hull-Kirk. That’s what shooting a snowman on Sunday will do to ya.

I bet the gallery was cheering on every bogey. You can stop now with your derisive accusations. I’ve been there and seen it with my own eyes.

Stacy Lewis was vilified for her tweets concerning the Chinese fans but she was spot on. The truth is what it is.

The Japanese on the other hand are the most polite folks on the planet.

Looped for a golf writer today. I pummeled him with LPGA stories and was encouraged to pen a book. Too many tales to go unrecorded.

Then there was this:

Suzy Whaley’s favorite golf moment comes full circle | The Spirit of Golf

Rizzo puts Miami women’s golf back on the map

Spartans Well Represented at LPGA Qualifying Tournament

Siam Country Club confirmed to host Honda LPGA Thailand

Kim loses by 1 at Korea Open after rules dispute

Arnold Palmer rode into the Wake Forest game on a motorcycle

Woods’ agent responds to Chamblee

Bogey-free Luna makes history in Germany


4 Responses to Wha Happened?

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    Write the book. I actually spent 8-9 bucks on the Christian Kim book, which wasn’t that good. Fans want the deep, dark secrets. The behind the scenes. The reality. Name names ( get a good lawyer~~!!), places, incidents, stories. Go for it. Life’s a “one time journey” …

  2. Ozz says:

    Frank, people also don’t want to be sued for slander and other things, which is a common thing in the US.

    In my 6 years on tour I kept a diary of my week to week experiences on and off the course and tour, which I conveyed in emails back to Oz. But I left out the juicy bits for the above reason.

    There was one time where I had copied an article from an Australian publication website and forwarded to a few people on tour. That article kind of went viral on tour, and I was approached face to face on behalf of the person the article was about. Lesson learnt.

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