Lydia Given The OK

LPGA grants membership to 16-year-old Lydia Ko

How about the scores at the Sunrise LPGA Taiwan Championship! Without a cut, the pain never ends for those at the bottom. At least they got a few bucks compensation.

Mexico towns lose power in suspected cartel sabotage – This happened in the state of Michoacan of which the capital is Morelia. Sound familiar? The LPGA used to play in Morelia.

Face of ObamaCare dropped after rollout

Click the link above and tell me she doesn’t look like Samantha Richdale.

richdale samantha hs 132x149Samantha


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Then there was this:

Tseng to host AJGA invitational for girls in 2014 – If they let her play, she may finish in the top ten. Ouch!

4 Responses to Lydia Given The OK

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    Double OUCH about Tseng …poor woman’s career seems about over … looks like Inbee’s star is fading too …

    • Cougar says:

      Everyone goes through slumps sometime. How they deal with them will determine their future. A few never recover and get back to their former success. We see this in all sports.

  2. Edward says:

    Well, Yani seems to be in more than just a “slump”, more like a freefall without a parachute. In mid-2012 she was Number One by a mile in the Rolex rankings and it seemed impossible that she could have been overtaken as Player of the Year, which she was by Stacy Lewis. Yani is now ranked 26th in the world.

    What is it with the LPGA in recent years? It seems like one or two big years is the Kiss of Death for many players. Suzann Pettersen had a big year in 2007 then managed just one win in 2008-2010. To her credit she seems to have pulled out of her slump, but others (Ai Miyazoto, Jiyai Shin, Yani, and now Inbee Park) haven’t. Is this the new normal: one or two good years, then washed-up by age twenty-three?

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