Let Loose The Hounds!

November 30, 2013

It was the first day of dear hunting season here and it’s permitted to use dogs in the chase. So, after a pack of hounds run Bambi into exhaustion, master can blow its brains out onto the forest floor to satisfy his primeval bloodlust.

I take that back. A head shot will spoil the wall mount.

No, I am not against hunting but using dogs is over the top.

Anyway, it’s good eats.

Then there was this:

‘Wilderness Golf’ a high-octane twist on the normally genteel sport

Totally Weird

November 29, 2013

Had to chase off a father/son duo fishing off the ladies tee on number eight. Not too unusual until you realize the eight hole is nowhere near access to any road. No idea where they came from.

But that doesn’t beat this next one. One of the beverage cart personnel reported there was a girl driving her cart onto the sixth green. I caught up with her on the ninth hole and the cart was off path and next to the tee. After a warning about staying off the greens, she acted like it was her parents playing behind her that were the offenders and would tell them.

I assumed that was the end of it but when they all reached the green, she drove her buggy onto the surface as if playing polo golf! I gave her the look and threw up my hands.

“Oh, I forgot. My bad.” That was the best she could come up with.

I didn’t see any damage but who knows what the other eight greens look like.

Filling In

November 28, 2013

I held down the fort today as my three Outside Services compadres had the Holiday off. Frost was on the pumpkin this morning but there were only three bodies on the tee sheet anyway. I was out the door by two-twenty.

Turkey, ham and all the trimmings was on the lunch menu but given the skeleton crew on hand, the chef went with a shrimp étouffée instead. Good choice.

A hard left turn while asleep last night gave me quite a rude awaking. I cracked my forehead on the edge of the nightstand and drew blood but was fast asleep again within seconds. I give credit to my My Pillow for the immediate return to slumber. It’s the best.

Then there was this:

LPGA’s Korean players make statement with their golf and their

Feng’s success could be leading edge of wave of Chinese golf talent

The secret to Park’s success was happiness

Whan’s influence pays off for LPGA

Duke Alumna Amanda Blumenherst Earns LPGA Award

Whan Interested In Season-Long Competition

Mental pressures taking their toll in sport, says McIlroy

Augusta National Golf Club Spends $8.3 Million for Parking Lot – I wonder, how much is that per car?

Aces Full

November 25, 2013

Yesterday was our annual “Ace In The Hole” event. It was a four man scramble with the entire course configured as a par three layout. Conditions were cold and windy and of course, there were caddies all around. Good times if you were dressed appropriately.

We finished close to dark but the work wasn’t complete to well after. Luckily our range picker is equipped with headlamps otherwise I would have missed a few eggs.

Then there was this:

Run with the bulls – in Biloxi! – Doubt if Hemmingway would elevate this event to the the classic in Pamplona but it should be fun. I’d have to seriously consider it. NOT!

Manulife Financial LPGA Classic Boosts Prize Money to US$1.5

ShopRite LPGA Classic Brings Millions to Businesses in Region

Kisner holds on for win at Pebble Beach

All Wet

November 22, 2013

My scheduled Canadian foursome deiced to play early so I went from the car to the course without skipping a beat. It was smooth going until the final hole. The sky opened up and we got drenched.

The 2014 LPGA schedule is out and it looks pretty good. Check out this GolfWeek story.

Tweet: Beth Ann Baldry ‏@Golfweek_Baldry – The Symetra Tour will have over 20 events next year. Tour had 15 in 2013. Great news for the up-and-coming players.

I might have to spruce up my caddie attire just in case I get the itch. 🙂

All The World’s A Stage

November 20, 2013

The 2nd stage of the Web.com Tour Q-School is under way at Shell Landing in Gautier MS. Dale managed to snag a bag. He’s looping for Cyrl Bouniol. Here are the scores.

Then there was this:

Chi Chi’s stunt backfires. Ends in groin hit.

Golf’s rule-makers change slow-motion replay rules

A year later, Choi not part of LPGA rivalries

Inkster approaches broadcast job like rookie

Going The Extra Mile

November 17, 2013

One of our patrons underestimated the solidity of the terra firma that lies just short of the 13th fairway yesterday. Apparently looking for a mishit pellet, he got his buggy stuck in the bog but good.

The call went out for a replacement and subsequent extrication which was answered by Tex and myself initially.

We found the cart buried up to its rear axel and impossible to back out but all was not lost. More help was brought in and this time forward was the direction we took with our helper driving.

That did the trick. Out it came but but you know what happens to the guys in back pushing, right? Covered in mud we were. Tex was on his way home but I still had a few hours to go. It was spent out of sight of the guests washing carts.

Today was a special event. A Japanese trade/economic development group was visiting Biloxi and Fallen Oak hosted the golf festivities. We needed a full house of caddies to handle the four-man team scramble which was punctuated with a mix of Americans and Japanese.

I had a great group and even managed to drop the fact that I had caddied for Japanese/LPGA golf legend Ayako Okomoto in her rookie season. That was big hit.

Many of the extra loopers were from the Southern Miss women’s golf team. One of them is the assistant to Tex’s wife Julie and her mom once played on the LPGA under the name Janet Bolle. I was on tour then but can’t place her. Too many moons ago.

Then there was this:

McIlroy would ‘love’ US PGA move to Royal Portrush

Cheyenne Woods’ Trick Shot Mastery Showcases Talented Golfer’s

European Tour unveils 2014 schedule

Eight relatives of Jason Day die in typhoon

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