And The Answer Is?

I received the following through Facebook.

Hey Larry… here’s an interesting one. I looked at the field for the Lorena Ochoa event this week. Taylor Collins, Alejandra Llaneza, and an invite named Margarita Ramos are the only three players who have not qualified yet for the Titleholders. Everyone else in the field is already in it. I wonder if those three players will get into the Titleholders field. Llaneza is the only one with any LPGA status, I think. Taylor Collins got in the field through her Big Break win. Llaneza and Ramos are Mexican ladies. Llaneza played mostly on the Symetra this year.

Anyone have the skinny (inside info)?

Heard Lorena’s defending champion, Cristie Kerr, has switched loopers. There’s a healthy kick in the scrotum for you.

Then there was this:

Euro Tour stars hit golf balls from 22nd floor of Dubai Atlantis hotel

One unified global tour coming, predicts Kuchar


13 Responses to And The Answer Is?

  1. 78Staff says:

    Titleholders – qualifiers must be LPGA Tour Members, which looks to rule out Ramos. Collins and Llaneza both played a pretty full Symetra schedule, but only Llaneza has played in an LPGA event this year (2, MC in both Bahamas and Mobile events), but does have Priority List Category 17 status. So I think only Llaneza would benefit, IF she makes the cut, that is.

  2. Willy says:

    Pretty sure Sponsor Invitees in short fields are no longer eligible for the CME. Tanya Dergal Rule…

  3. DaVinner says:

    Bye Bye Blackwelder. He lasted longer with the Queen than any other looper I can remember.

  4. scraper says:

    llaneza will quailfy for titleholders, but purse money is unofficial. she is a lpga member with conditional status.

  5. Tim Tam Eater says:

    The whole titleholders is a joke. There is a girl who is 125th on money list and some 90s in there too.Mike whan needs to get off his high horse and redo the TOUR Championship criteria

    • Panjang Dan Lurus says:

      Might just as well invite everyone and have a first day cut, a second day cut and a third day cut. Would weed out the “Players from the Pretenders” and result in some “viewable” golf on the final day….

  6. Day Nerd says:

    Llaneza can get in with a top 3 if not top 5 finish. Kristy Mac rule.

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