Tis The Season?

Spotted a house decorated in Christmas lights on my way home today. Way too early but it was nice.

Boo Weekley was in the house today with a few of his buds. They were the last group in.

Yesterday, I was about to hit Enter after wishing former LPGA Rules Official Angus MacKenzie a happy birthday on Facebook (Happy Birthday Angus!). Then I realized the g was missing in his name. That would have been embarrassing.

Then there was this:

Manulife Financial LPGA Classic Returns to Waterloo in 2014

Professional Annika Sorenstam named recipient of 2013

Lorena Ochoa Invitational won’t be televised in 2013

Taylor Collins gets her ‘Big Break’


3 Responses to Tis The Season?

  1. Tim Tam Eater says:

    Someone needs to tell bocajr to do his homework and look at the stats. Hanna Kang is 123 on the money list. Do your homework next time before you leave a comment.

  2. Fred says:

    Tim bocajr can’t count much past 100 cause the abacus he does his yardage with only goes to 100. When his player says are sure about that yardage he says I guarantee you its within 20 yards.At least JackieChan can get within 15 yards everytime!!!

  3. ahhh fred san, ranku for compriment..ror…Tim tama needa kissa mora assa….lpga lets brad Koreans in to strengthen field…fred san, abacus used by Chinese, ru insult me!!

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