Going The Extra Mile

One of our patrons underestimated the solidity of the terra firma that lies just short of the 13th fairway yesterday. Apparently looking for a mishit pellet, he got his buggy stuck in the bog but good.

The call went out for a replacement and subsequent extrication which was answered by Tex and myself initially.

We found the cart buried up to its rear axel and impossible to back out but all was not lost. More help was brought in and this time forward was the direction we took with our helper driving.

That did the trick. Out it came but but you know what happens to the guys in back pushing, right? Covered in mud we were. Tex was on his way home but I still had a few hours to go. It was spent out of sight of the guests washing carts.

Today was a special event. A Japanese trade/economic development group was visiting Biloxi and Fallen Oak hosted the golf festivities. We needed a full house of caddies to handle the four-man team scramble which was punctuated with a mix of Americans and Japanese.

I had a great group and even managed to drop the fact that I had caddied for Japanese/LPGA golf legend Ayako Okomoto in her rookie season. That was big hit.

Many of the extra loopers were from the Southern Miss women’s golf team. One of them is the assistant to Tex’s wife Julie and her mom once played on the LPGA under the name Janet Bolle. I was on tour then but can’t place her. Too many moons ago.

Then there was this:

McIlroy would ‘love’ US PGA move to Royal Portrush

Cheyenne Woods’ Trick Shot Mastery Showcases Talented Golfer’s

European Tour unveils 2014 schedule

Eight relatives of Jason Day die in typhoon


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