All Wet

My scheduled Canadian foursome deiced to play early so I went from the car to the course without skipping a beat. It was smooth going until the final hole. The sky opened up and we got drenched.

The 2014 LPGA schedule is out and it looks pretty good. Check out this GolfWeek story.

Tweet: Beth Ann Baldry ‏@Golfweek_Baldry – The Symetra Tour will have over 20 events next year. Tour had 15 in 2013. Great news for the up-and-coming players.

I might have to spruce up my caddie attire just in case I get the itch. 🙂


12 Responses to All Wet

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    32 events …that’s a ton of cash for the top tier players to divvy up …

  2. Tim Tam Eater says:

    Play better and everyone can play in all those tournaments

  3. Ozz says:

    The first 4 -5 events are overseas, so you need money to cover those expenses, so that will be the top tier players mostly.

  4. Book'em Danno says:

    Two questions?? 1. Why do players finishing 2nd through 40th in this week’s Titleholder’s donate half their winnings to the person finishing first? Is it some kind of tithe that they surely couldn’t have approved by their own vote? 40 people would not be that foolish.
    Does anyone know if the full membership voted on this distribution?
    2. Regarding next year’s schedule. How does a 32 -36 personal invitational field get “Official” status 7 years runnung?? Seems like an easy way for a “select few” to earn Solheim points every year. When this tournament first appeared, the very limited field and small purse were justified becaues this was just “temporary”.

    • Frank Michaels says:

      I’m sure the winning caddie doesn’t mind the first place payout …

      I’d love to see an event where the pros put up their own money, and the top 3 places get paid …talk about cheating then~~!!

  5. Tim Tam Eater says:

    Hey douche. then play your way into those limited tournaments. Look at Mo Martin

  6. lawyergolfer says:

    17 events for players outside top 80 on money list to play in. period

  7. bocajr says:

    CME, Kathleen Ekey finishes 100 on money list thru Portland, last domestic full field event and gets bumped by #107 on money list who somehow qualified for CME. # 123 got into CME finishing 40th at Manulife and could have done the same thing. The difference between 100 and 101 is huge as now she has to go thru the reshuffle after 7 events and could fall way down if she doesn’t have a good start. Really? Hope i’m wrong. Just another ” we didn’t think that would happen” excuse by lpga.

  8. Cougar says:

    If someone playing at CME has to go to Q School, something is wrong.

  9. Ozz says:

    Men’s Australian Open began today at Royal Sydney GC. Adam Scott is vying for the Australian Slam (same season), having already won the Aust. PGA and Aust. Masters. Robert Allenby is the only person to have won the slam.

    Scott holds 2 different Masters titles in the one year, and also has 3 jackets : Green – The Masters, Gold – Aust. Masters and Pink – PGA Grand Slam of Golf in the one year.

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