Aces Full

Yesterday was our annual “Ace In The Hole” event. It was a four man scramble with the entire course configured as a par three layout. Conditions were cold and windy and of course, there were caddies all around. Good times if you were dressed appropriately.

We finished close to dark but the work wasn’t complete to well after. Luckily our range picker is equipped with headlamps otherwise I would have missed a few eggs.

Then there was this:

Run with the bulls – in Biloxi! – Doubt if Hemmingway would elevate this event to the the classic in Pamplona but it should be fun. I’d have to seriously consider it. NOT!

Manulife Financial LPGA Classic Boosts Prize Money to US$1.5

ShopRite LPGA Classic Brings Millions to Businesses in Region

Kisner holds on for win at Pebble Beach


One Response to Aces Full

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    Shen Shen cashes a huge check PLUS, no state income tax …
    Creamer has a 17 shot difference between rounds 3 and 4 …can anyone say t-o-a-s-t …
    16 year old makes 16 grand …I worked about 4 1/2 months for that ( 40 hrs a week WITHOUT travel time included) …
    I’m still waiting for an LPGA twerking video …maybe in 2014 …

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