Filling In

I held down the fort today as my three Outside Services compadres had the Holiday off. Frost was on the pumpkin this morning but there were only three bodies on the tee sheet anyway. I was out the door by two-twenty.

Turkey, ham and all the trimmings was on the lunch menu but given the skeleton crew on hand, the chef went with a shrimp étouffée instead. Good choice.

A hard left turn while asleep last night gave me quite a rude awaking. I cracked my forehead on the edge of the nightstand and drew blood but was fast asleep again within seconds. I give credit to my My Pillow for the immediate return to slumber. It’s the best.

Then there was this:

LPGA’s Korean players make statement with their golf and their

Feng’s success could be leading edge of wave of Chinese golf talent

The secret to Park’s success was happiness

Whan’s influence pays off for LPGA

Duke Alumna Amanda Blumenherst Earns LPGA Award

Whan Interested In Season-Long Competition

Mental pressures taking their toll in sport, says McIlroy

Augusta National Golf Club Spends $8.3 Million for Parking Lot – I wonder, how much is that per car?


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