Totally Weird

Had to chase off a father/son duo fishing off the ladies tee on number eight. Not too unusual until you realize the eight hole is nowhere near access to any road. No idea where they came from.

But that doesn’t beat this next one. One of the beverage cart personnel reported there was a girl driving her cart onto the sixth green. I caught up with her on the ninth hole and the cart was off path and next to the tee. After a warning about staying off the greens, she acted like it was her parents playing behind her that were the offenders and would tell them.

I assumed that was the end of it but when they all reached the green, she drove her buggy onto the surface as if playing polo golf! I gave her the look and threw up my hands.

“Oh, I forgot. My bad.” That was the best she could come up with.

I didn’t see any damage but who knows what the other eight greens look like.


6 Responses to Totally Weird

  1. Ozz says:

    Didn’t you direct her off the course after the second occurrence!

    • lifeontour says:

      That’s not my call. High rollers have their privileges. I did warn dad after the ninth hole. Next time they’re gone. Of course, per instructions by my boss.

  2. Terry says:

    Don’t know if you carry your phone with you … but I’d have been very tempted to take pictures (or better yet video) and emailed it to the golf course’s management.

  3. Frank Michaels says:

    That’s one thing I hated about marshaling. NO enforcement power against violators. Management always kissed the golfers ass, and left me looking like a dufus. After a while I just sat under a tree, made a round or two, and played all the free golf my hands could handle. Why fight city hall, as they say.

  4. ahh frank san, y you a dufus…he rused to craddie on lpga tur, now hea a writer in naples…you flater yurself

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