One To Go

Four rounds are in the books at the 2013 LPGA Q-School and the winner is not in doubt but that’s not the real story. The ones fighting for the final spots is where the drama lies. It’s going to be cheers or tears at the end of the day. Is a playoff in the works?

The Pure Silk Bahamas Classic, the opening event of the 2014 season, has been cut to a field of 108 I’ve been told. Not enough daylight is the reason.


9 Responses to One To Go

  1. Caddie Machine says:

    Smich man !! What’s your take on this Green girl that won Q-school at 29 under. On the Symetra Tour she played in 15 events, made $19,000 and ave. 72.3. She had 1 round in the 60’s.What’s your prediction oh wise one. Ha !!

  2. Frank Michaels says:

    I’m not Smich, but I say lucky week. As a hacker I had runs like that too. Shooting 3-4 shots below my handicap for a week or two. Then back to reality. Chili dips, OB, 3-putts, worm-burners, etc.

    • franksan, maybre she playa really gooda buta minus 29 is not rucky!! Onry true statement is youa hacker

      • Frank Michaels says:

        AH Sooo …Frankensan shoota 69-er onea time in his golfa life. Make-a tuua eagle and many-many birdie …Parra 71 coarse …berry, berry rucky …3 day later, shoota 84 … no so rucky …

  3. ahhh franksan, ru have betta shot at bowling a 69 then shooting a 69 in grulf…r u lpga groupie or jrust lika watcha brad grolf?

  4. Old man says:

    If you play on the same course, in the same conditions, day after day you have a much better chance to score well. Move the Q school around to stop getting the same ole players each year. How many events are in Florida in 2014?

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