Not What It Looks Like

Tax breaks power PGA Tour giving “The lion’s share of the money is going to big prizes, cash prizes for athletes and all the promotion around it, so it’s really pathetic, actually,”

Then there was this:

LPGA Tour Star Natalie Gulbis Entertains, Does Good at Rio Secco

Michelle Wie forges anti-‘air hug’ alliance with Stacy Lewis

Japan PGA brass to resign amid yakuza scandal


9 Responses to Not What It Looks Like

  1. Ozz says:

    What happened to the old handshake after the round. Player/Caddie hug or kiss, but others just a handshake or am I just too old school.

  2. Mark says:

    Wie finally gets one right..Handshake is all that is needed…

  3. Tim Tam Eater says:

    The 1st smart thing to come out of the stanfords grads mouth..

  4. Panjang Dan Lurus says:

    Where’s Frank?

    He’s yet to jump on this anti-Bu88les bandwagon 😉

    • Frank Michaels says:

      Here I am, brother …there should be MORE hugging, some French kissing, and even a Victory Twerk, required by LPGA By-Laws …I think Bu88les’ thought process has been effected by playing on the Men’s Tour at such a tender age …poor thing …

  5. lifeontour says:

    A little soft porn goes a long way Frank.

  6. Panjang Dan Lurus says:

    Maybe Japan PGA brass was just learning the 9 finger yakuza swing?

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