Mind Blowing

Lydia Ko splits with coach Guy Wilson

Ko confirms leaving longtime coach

Who got into this girl’s head? IMG?

Does this mean Wie is on the backburner?

Also, posts on Facebook say she fired her caddie. I’m sure IMG will find her another.

Lydia Ko has had her own Twitter page until today. It no longer exists. This according to another post.

Steve Williams calls Lydia Ko’s decision to dump long-time coach ‘unethical,’ career-threatening – Yeah, it’s called Lead-poisoning.


5 Responses to Mind Blowing

  1. Panjang Dan Lurus says:


    Lydia splits with coach Guy Wilson? – Mistake #1

    Now coached by David Bedwetter? – Mistake #2

    Oh…. it was a “TEAM” decision……

  2. Ken Currie says:

    Agree with you. MW was first – LK WILL be second whose career was ruined by this jerk.

  3. ahhh we have old rasian saying ” she who go to bedwetter will be come bedwetter.”

  4. Frank Michaels says:

    Money does foolish things to foolish people …

    ( feel free to steal it, as I just made it up …I rooted for Ko, maybe not so much now …)

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