Nice Birdie!

Dropping a bird on the first hole is always a treat but how about snagging one on the way to the course? Check out the south end of this tweeter sticking out the grill of a Lexus SUV.


 Then there was this:

Split with coach foretold months ago

Transgender female Robert Lancaster continues pursuit of LPGA

Complicated setup at Pinehurst in 2014

Woman stabbed man with ceramic squirrel – He forgot to bring some beer home. Sounds justified to me.


2 Responses to Nice Birdie!

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    If he/she makes the tour, I hope they leave her out of the Twerking video …Please …

  2. Ozz says:

    I see IMG “ALL OVER IT” with regards to Ko’s split with her Coach. If Team Ko had any intelligence, they would see how Leadbetter and Co destroyed what ability Wie did have before they worked together.

    Same goes for the PGA players who went to Leadbetter and Co, to end up with other much qualified coaches or back with their original coaches, at least some Aussie male players have.

    Nothing different between the Parents of both Wie and Ko camps, MONEY!!!!!! GREED IS GOOD.

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