Then There Was None

Only two bodies on the tee sheet but the cold blustery weather made it zero. Not much to do but fill the time with stimulating conversation.

Then there was this:

Golf Gone Wild: RippedLinks combines golf and extreme sports for a

New golf coach warned Lydia Ko over changes

Golf Channel announces expanding to radio with SiriusXM agreement


2 Responses to Then There Was None

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    Regarding the Ko story …who is swing the clubs, mommy or Lydia …?? Bu88les Wie parents ruined her career and it may happen here … let the KID ( player ) decide what is best for her own game … this quest for Superstardom and Perfection is ridiculous …

  2. Ozz says:

    Who is paying for the former golf coach input! What, Ko is going to have 3 coaches (Leadbetter, Hogan and Wilson on the sideline). Sounds like another IMG smooth-over.

    Let’s see who goes running back when things turn sour and performance declines.

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