How Cold Was It?

Cold enough to leave icicles on our only cart that went out for the day. It was 29° when I left the course at 3pm.

IMG_20140124_150109 Brrrrrrr!

The first cut of the year came in at +1. A stroke less than I thought. Doesn’t seem there were any surprises.

Looks like “Scraper” snagged a live one in P. K. Kongkraphan who is currently T5. Still two rounds to go so hope I didn’t jinx him.

Paige Mackenzie Tweets – I am unfortunately not in Bahamas playing this week….I have a herniated disc and have surgery scheduled

Beth Ann Nichols Tweets – Jenny Suh, who got engaged on Dec. 19, has her fiancé on the bag. He came for the casino but the caddie gig is working nicely. She’s in 3rd.

She also tweets that Martha Richards has resigned as head coach of Texas. Big news. Richards will step down at the end of spring for health reasons. She’s healthy now, but cancer survivor thinks it best to leave coaching.

Then there was this:

Feng agrees one-year Buick deal

How Lydia Ko Made Her Way To David Leadbetter

Ai Miyazato takes break from longtime caddie


5 Responses to How Cold Was It?

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    Be prepared. If Bu88les Wie wins this event, the Golf Channel, the LPGA Tour, and 1/2 the golf writers in America will declare a national holiday.

    • Edward says:

      Was the tournament open to the public? Can’t really tell from the daily highlight videos on the LPGA website. I’ve seen bigger crowds in a phone booth.

  2. Frank Michaels says:

    Miyazato changes caddies to ‘refresh’ herself …?? WTF …

    how can you pro caddies live and work based on the whims of some player … my kudos go out to you all … I wouldn’t last very long …

  3. Cougar says:

    Scraper did make a brief appearance on the TV coverage today.

  4. ahhh, feng signs dreal wid bruick, do theya maka vehicle that drives thrua drive fru at midnight fur rate snacka?

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