Twist of Fate

Meaghan Francella knew it was time to think about another career… So what was Francella doing in the Bahamas last week? Looping for Heather Bowie Young, her new boss…

Francella had been bartending at The Bistro in Jupiter and looping part-time at Old Marsh. She called 20 clubs trying to get a caddie job before finding success.

Click the link below and scroll down for more details.

Lewis’ momentum; Francella’s gig; more

You can’t play golf on a sheet of ice (except in Canada) so I had another day off. That will change tomorrow. A group of around eighty will be here for three days and the temperature will rise significantly. Down right tropical by Sunday.

Lizette Salas ‏TweetsPlease keep fellow LPGA player Lisa Ferrero in your prayers as she just found out she is diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the age of 31.


One Response to Twist of Fate

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    Stacy Lewis: the Greg Norman of the LPGA …

    just watched a Golf Channel interview of Danielle Kang … plenty of short skirts and crossed legs … Enjoy …

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