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February 25, 2014

Sunday’s season finale of Downton Abbey was a bit of a letdown. A few of the scenarios were predictable and nothing left me wanting more. Disappointing.

Watching House of Cards again. I’m starting from the beginning to refresh my memory and add continuity. First three episodes in the can.

The two miracle up and downs by Victor Dubuisson in the playoff were the highlight of the weekend.

Victor Dubuisson wows the golf world with magical effort | Watch the video

Then there was this:

‘Caddyshack’ director Harold Ramis dies at 69

Canada’s Alena Sharp wins Symetra Tour opener

Golfer Feng Shanshan aiming to drive her sport in China

The 20th anniversary of Dinah Shore’s death

I’ll Be Back! Maybe

February 19, 2014

Life on Tour may be going live once more.

Fallen Oak will close from Memorial Day till Labor Day to redo the bunkers and the Outside Services staff will not be needed. So, I may be looking for a summer bag on tour. It all depends if I can take a leave of absence. Otherwise they’ll try to place me at the Beau.

Caddies, keep your ears open.

I posted this on facebook and Jaybird replied that I’d be 10th in line amongst the old-timers.

It was media day for the MGRC at Fallen Oak yesterday but I was absent. Had the day off and took a country drive to buy some Powerball tickets.

Michael Allen looks forward to defending the MGRC championship

Then there was this:

Vijay Singh gets key ruling in lawsuit against PGA Tour

Manulife to sponsor LPGA golfers Jennifer Kirby, Stacy Lewis

Players split on Match Play reform

Palm Desert and USC alum Nicole Castrale will continue to fight on

Ike Gets His Wish

February 17, 2014

Ice storm destroys iconic Ike tree at Augusta National

With all their money, I wouldn’t be surprised if they transplanted one the same size.

Then there was this:

Donald Trump faces fresh wind farm battle near new Irish golf club

Down Under Report

February 16, 2014

Chella Choi hit her tee shot on #2 to the right in the trees and towards OB fence. final round.

The ball came to rest in wire mesh of OB fence. She was given rulings by both Australian and LET Officials advising the ball was out of bounds.

Not good enough, she asked for a third ruling by LPGA Official, who eventually convinced her that the ball was out of bounds.

She and caddie were driven back to the 2nd Tee to play her 3rd shot.

But the tee markers have already been removed.  LPGA Official indicates the painted dots of where tee markers were and confirmed her tee ball was OK behind the markers.

Chella made double and followed up with a bogey. Only one birdie all day. After her 62, that 74 had to feel like an 80.

Then there was this:

LPGA Classic may be moving on

Whistle Bear on list as LPGA Tour host

Barber Shop Politics

February 12, 2014

As I entered Cox’s Barber Shop for my monthly grooming, one of the patrons brought up a news story that Attorney General Eric Holder wants the right to vote restored to ex-felons because it’s unfair. One of the barbers responded “You know why?” which prompted my spontaneous reply “They vote Democrat.”

Everyone seemed to agree but the look on the face of the customer that barber was trimming said otherwise. Even in Mississippi, liberals lurk in the shadows.

TOURLDY was a license plate I spotted after my cut in Ocean Springs. Had me wondering if it was the LPGA Tour.

Then there was this:

Old Waverly Golf Club To Host Legends Tour’s ISPS Handa Cup

Mount Vintage owner faces decision on golf club – This was the site of a true miracle of sport. Tina Fisher interrupted her lackluster career by coming from nowhere to win the LPGA Asahi Ryokuken International Championship back in 2001.

Cheyenne Woods Sticking to Symetra Tour with Eye on LPGA – Golf Channel

LPGA Champion Paula Creamer Launches Airweave in the US

Tom Watson picks Raymond Floyd as Ryder Cup vice captain

It’s All In The Genes

February 8, 2014

Cheyenne Woods is one round away from making a huge statement in women’s golf.

Dale said he saw veteran Neil Carter on the bag. The cream does have a tendency to rise to the top.

Correction: Ozzie Steve was at the tournament and said it definitely was not Neil Carter on Cheyenne’s bag. One commentator said his name was Will Swift.

In Cheyenne’s winning speech, she said that it was the first week that Will had caddied for her.

Also, former LPGA pro Sandra McKenzie was doing on course commentary.

NFL Hall of Famer Rickey Jackson was in the house today with a few of his buds.

According to his Facebook post, Country Club Mike is South America bound. He’s looping for Adam Hadwin in Bogota Columbia on the Web.com Tour.

Then there was this:

Eastwood saves tournament director from choking

Furman dropping men’s golf

Final Farewell

February 6, 2014

Remembering Danielle Downey Facebook page.

Downey Memorial 

Funeral Memorial for Danielle

The Australian Lady Masters is underway and Lorie Kane was T3 after one round which had me wondering if this could be a rebirth. But looks like round two is catching up with her a little. Its still early.

Then there was this:

Golf has the most aging fans, how can this be fixed?

Super Dud

February 3, 2014

Not much “super” about it. Even the commercials sucked.

I didn’t have a dog in this fight until minutes before game time. But things changed and I was hoping for a blowout with Seattle on top. Dreams do come true occasionally.

The best part of the entire spectacle in my opinion was Joe Namath’s premature coin toss and the ref’s spontaneous catch. Payton Manning could only dream of having completions so clean.

First signs of preparation for the 2014 MGRC at Fallen Oak showed today. The tournament set-up golf carts arrived and the golf operation trailers will pull in on Friday.

Then there was this:

PHL women’s team has ‘great potential’ – Ochoa

Funeral Set For LPGA Golfer Killed In Crash

Juli Inkster Committed to Keeping LPGA in Bay Area

Happy Groundhog Day

February 2, 2014

Groundhog Day, one of my favorite movies for inexplicable reasons. Go figure.

Actually turned a loop yesterday. It’s been awhile. Good group with plenty of trash talk.

I’ve started  a 30 Day Challenge. For now, I’ll keep it to myself.

Why not join me? Pick something you always wanted to do but never got around to it or something you wish to eliminate from your daily routine and do it for 30 days.

The best part is that it doesn’t have to be forever. Just a measly month.

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