Final Farewell

Remembering Danielle Downey Facebook page.

Downey Memorial 

Funeral Memorial for Danielle

The Australian Lady Masters is underway and Lorie Kane was T3 after one round which had me wondering if this could be a rebirth. But looks like round two is catching up with her a little. Its still early.

Then there was this:

Golf has the most aging fans, how can this be fixed?

One Response to Final Farewell

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    Bringing new players/fans is not easy. Golf is expensive ( equipment/fees/cart rental), it takes too long to play ( at least 5 hours on most muni’s), it’s not action-oriented, and it’s very difficult to be a halfway decent player to actually enjoy the game. It takes lots of practice time. My rounds have dropped considerably simply due to the fact after 28 years of playing this game, I have hit a glass ceiling ( 10-12 handicap) with really no improvement. I practice just to NOT get worse. I never watch the PGA any longer and watch the LPGA exclusively because I like the level of ‘normal’ professional play ( no 180 yard 8 irons) and most of the girls are cuties pies.

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