Down Under Report

February 16, 2014

Chella Choi hit her tee shot on #2 to the right in the trees and towards OB fence. final round.

The ball came to rest in wire mesh of OB fence. She was given rulings by both Australian and LET Officials advising the ball was out of bounds.

Not good enough, she asked for a third ruling by LPGA Official, who eventually convinced her that the ball was out of bounds.

She and caddie were driven back to the 2nd Tee to play her 3rd shot.

But the tee markers have already been removed.  LPGA Official indicates the painted dots of where tee markers were and confirmed her tee ball was OK behind the markers.

Chella made double and followed up with a bogey. Only one birdie all day. After her 62, that 74 had to feel like an 80.

Then there was this:

LPGA Classic may be moving on

Whistle Bear on list as LPGA Tour host

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