I’ll Be Back! Maybe

Life on Tour may be going live once more.

Fallen Oak will close from Memorial Day till Labor Day to redo the bunkers and the Outside Services staff will not be needed. So, I may be looking for a summer bag on tour. It all depends if I can take a leave of absence. Otherwise they’ll try to place me at the Beau.

Caddies, keep your ears open.

I posted this on facebook and Jaybird replied that I’d be 10th in line amongst the old-timers.

It was media day for the MGRC at Fallen Oak yesterday but I was absent. Had the day off and took a country drive to buy some Powerball tickets.

Michael Allen looks forward to defending the MGRC championship

Then there was this:

Vijay Singh gets key ruling in lawsuit against PGA Tour

Manulife to sponsor LPGA golfers Jennifer Kirby, Stacy Lewis

Players split on Match Play reform

Palm Desert and USC alum Nicole Castrale will continue to fight on

3 Responses to I’ll Be Back! Maybe

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    If you go active on Tour, do you post from the tourney itself …??

  2. Frank Michaels says:

    Of course not from the course. You’re working. I meant in your down time. Tidbits. Behind the scene stuff. Stuff you see and hear, etc . I still think you should write a REAL book on the LPGA as a veteran caddy. Pull no punches.

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