On The Tube/Net

Sunday’s season finale of Downton Abbey was a bit of a letdown. A few of the scenarios were predictable and nothing left me wanting more. Disappointing.

Watching House of Cards again. I’m starting from the beginning to refresh my memory and add continuity. First three episodes in the can.

The two miracle up and downs by Victor Dubuisson in the playoff were the highlight of the weekend.

Victor Dubuisson wows the golf world with magical effort | Watch the video

Then there was this:

‘Caddyshack’ director Harold Ramis dies at 69

Canada’s Alena Sharp wins Symetra Tour opener

Golfer Feng Shanshan aiming to drive her sport in China

The 20th anniversary of Dinah Shore’s death

3 Responses to On The Tube/Net

  1. Ozz says:

    Sorry Larry, but I’m going to hijack this topic for a rant on the the PGA Tours new website. Why can’t they leave their Home Page alone as it was simple and easy to navigate. Instead, they change it to show what they can do with all their photo’s, banners and tabs, that makes it almost impossible to navigate, and takes so long to load. Maybe the LPGA web developer(s) are now with the PGA Tour.

    As well, the smartphone app is now crap. They send messages for ALL the US Tours, to say that play is suspended, then another message to say play has resumed. It became so annoying, I uninstalled the app….I now have peace.

  2. bocajr says:

    House of cards..is that the stan musial story?

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