Caddie Sighting

March 31, 2014

Congrats to Kendall Dye for her Symetra Tour win and to Debbie Raso on the bag. That’s correct you old timers, Debbie Raso. Haven’t heard that name in ages.

Kendall Dye and Debbie Raso

Brooke Pancake@BrookePancake Missed getting into Kraft by one person! But that player had two hole-in-ones and two hole out eagles from the fairway this weekend! Wow!

Then there was this:

Laura Diaz makes 2nd ace in 2 days

Ko cards worst pro round

Mackenize Raim, Jiyoon Jang vie for Kraft Nabisco spot

Celeb Sighting

March 29, 2014

Chipper Jones was in the house today. Went around twice.

Then there was this:

Two aces on same hole in Kia Classic

Dumping Buckets

March 28, 2014

I doubt if anyone showed to play at Fallen Oak. I’m sure the bunkers were washed out once more. Bet they can’t wait for the new system to be installed.

Had today off so I took my car in for plugs and wires to D&H Auto Repair. They gave me a ride to the Waffle House and after breakfast, walked the rest of the way home. Haven’t been to the “Awful House” in a couple years. No changes.

Then there was this:

Report: Alcohol ruled factor in crash that killed Auburn golf director Danielle Downey

Missing Malaysia Airlines MH370: golfer Wayne Perske tells how he missed the flight

Golf clubs sparks igniting fires

Fear Rio 2016 will not be ready to host test golf event because so far behind in preparations

Easy Peasy

March 26, 2014

Putting in a normal eight hour shift seemed just too easy after MGRC hell week but my body clock will soon normalize.

We’re using the Better Billy Bunker Method in the renovation of Fallen Oak’s 83 bunkers. Looks very promising. Will eliminate washouts which is a persistent plague in this rainy part of the country.

Besides the bunkers, the fourteenth green will be made smaller, some tees redone and a few other things to complete the project.

Then there was this:

Amanda Blumenherst’s husband sent to minor league camp

MGRC Pro-Am Monday

March 24, 2014

Another 12+ hour day but the craziness is finally over. We go back to normal tomorrow.

Everyone caddied and some of the staff even played  for missing contestants.

Maggert Wins!

March 23, 2014

Here’s a quarter. You know what to do.

It was an 81.5 hour week for me but it still isn’t over. Some of the seniors will be staying over for a pro-am here. Another 5am course arrival for our entire crew is scheduled.

Bobby Wadkins was the first one on the range after the second round. Asked how the course was, he answered “The greens are perfect but the fairways are too soft. There was mud on every shot”.

Just had to do this. Actually, I was moon gazing at the time.

Astronut Larry 1

Then there was this:


2014 MGRC Round Two

March 22, 2014

Freddy fell out of the lead but only by one. His back looked tender on the range warming up.

Another easy day on the rock pile for me. Tomorrow may be a different story. Rain expected and they’re splitting tees to try and beat it.

Our ball washer has been on its last legs and finally bit the dust this morning. A call to another course had us using theirs by the afternoon.

If I go back on tour for the summer, I have housing in Waterloo CN. A volunteer on the range lives there and will be working the LPGA event. She invited me so stay with her and hubby.

David Frost got DQ’d for removing a pebble in a bunker according to his caddie. Told our guy in the cart barn “We do it all the time”. WTF!

The other day on the range, Tom Kite came over for some balls and participated in the obligatory social protocol with my co-worker by inquiring how he was.

“Blessed”. was his response.

“Cause you’re working with me”. I added.

That had Kite waking away laughing.

Then there was this:

Lesbian Golf Coach Awarded $359,000 After Judge Finds Men’s Pro Golfer & University Guilty Of

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