Is This The End?

Investment firm Cerberus to buy Safeway for $9 billion

The Safeway Classic, now known as the Portland Classic, has been on a year-to-year agreement with the LPGA for some time but this acquisition may be the end to this long standing event. You never know if the new owners will wish to keep it going.

The last I looked, it was still on the schedule but labeled as tentative.

Then there was this:

Stanford soph earns berth in LPGA event

Sky Sports agree new two-year deal with LPGA to show the best women’s golf

Doral a familiar place that no one recognizes

France’s Dubuisson given PGA Tour temporary membership

Night Golf, Anyone? Motion-Activated LED Golf Ball Lights Up on Impact

3 Responses to Is This The End?

  1. Cougar says:

    Time for Nike to step in.

  2. lawyergolfer says:

    no reason for them to step in..whats the benefit for them? we lost state farm after 30 yrs, wait Portland is close to Korea, maybe they will save that one like they just did in Phoenix

  3. Pretty big deal here in sports starved Portland, so I would be surprised to see this end.

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