B-17; B-24; P-51

March 7, 2014

Not some sort of extended Bingo but the three WWII vintage aircraft I visited today. It was a B-17 Flying Fortress; B-24 Liberator and P-51 Mustang

They are the Wings of Freedom Tour and were displayed at the Gulfport Airport fro a few days. These planes still fly and for the right amount, you can hop a ride. Even get a little stick time in the Mustang.

Took plenty of pictures and crawled through the innards of the two bombers.

My hat is off to the brave souls who flew these incredible machines in the name of freedom.

Click here to see pictures on Google+ – Click on the album cover and use the slideshow for better viewing.

What’s going on in Ukraine, Syria and Obamacare would make a great series three for House of Cards. Throw in the IRS targeting the Tea Party, NSA spying and Benghazi and the options are endless.

The only thing left would be finding alien lipstick on the dipstick of the President.

Then there was this:

Founders Cup lands new title sponsor

Ground-Breaking Research on Female Golf Participation | Asian Golf Industry Federation

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