A Tee Too Far

Caddied today for a couple of gents who wanted the full Fallen Oak experience. We played the tips and the pins were set in positions not normally used to save the primo spots for the Champions Tour.

That combo took its toll. It was brutal but a fun group none the less.

We had a single join us and it just so happened that he was from St. Louis and attended many Rail Classics when we played in Springfield.  A small world indeed.

Then there was this:

Blackwelders to Receive Family of the Year Award

John Huggan: Catriona Matthew’s eye on prize

Mizuno LPGA Tour Staffer Stacy Lewis to Visit with Congress Members on Capitol Hill

Park In-bee picks up first win of 2014 on Ladies European Tour

4 Responses to A Tee Too Far

  1. Tim Tam Eater says:

    Are you serious

  2. Tim Tam Eater says:

    Family of the year

  3. scraper says:

    i love asianjackiechan. here here

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