What’s That Noise?

The road trip out west got off to a rocky start for one of the LPGA’s support vehicles. In fact, it never made it onto I-95 in Daytona. Warning lights and smoke from under the hood delayed the journey by a day at least. Turned out to be a leaking master cylinder and the truck had to be towed to the service facility for repairs.

That was just a precursor for the next maintenance malady. Before reaching Lake City FL, the serpentine belt broke causing the engine to overheat. The belt was replaced, antifreeze replaced and the trip continued. At this rate, an expected Saturday arrival is in jeopardy.

I’m having trouble with my ride also. It’s starting to misfire and getting worse each day. Given my Mercury Sable is ten years old with 167K on the odometer and never had the plugs or wires changed, I’m not surprised.

Then there was this:

Valhalla Golf Club to be inducted into the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame

Teen Aussie sensation sets sights on Olympics

ShopRite to remain LPGA tournament title sponsor through 2016

LPGA Legend Carol Mann to Receive EWGA Leadership Award


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