2014 MGRC – Monday

Most of my day was consumed with washing and staging the pro-am carts. Sounds simple but the logistics were a pain. They were stored near the front gate (quite a distance fro the clubhouse) so first we had to retrieve, then wash and finally take them to the range. Really needed more bodies to help us.

I was scheduled to close and an early departure was in the cards until one lone contestant showed and decided to play. Turned out to be a normal day after all.

Tommy Thorpe showed and is looking for a loop. Has a chance to get a qualifier if the guy makes it.

Steve Bybee came in late for a yardage book. He’s working for Gilder.

Then there was this:

62, playoff birdie give Hull first LET win

Inkster to be named 2015 US Solheim Cup captain

Happy 59: Annika makes history 13 years ago – I was one of the many to witness her final putt.

6 Responses to 2014 MGRC – Monday

  1. Ozz says:

    Yep, remember it well. Working for Nancy Bowen, standing on the range ready to play our 2nd Round, 4 strokes off the lead. Watching the scoreboard at the range, we wandered over to the putting green early to watch Annika finish her round and possible 59.

    To watch her sink the putt for 59 on 18th green with everyone around players, caddies and spectators, it all just erupted in cheers and applause. Now we have gone from 4 off the lead to 15 without hitting a ball in the second round.

  2. RTN says:

    I was on the practice putting green behind the ninth green (no doubt illegally shagging chips) as she putted for 58 and finished up for 59. Congrats to Annika on a once in a lifetime achievement.
    Could happen again at Wildfire with the right conditions. Just saying.

  3. Tim Tam Eater says:

    Maybe Hull had a little motivation to win. Her caddy quit to work for Lydia Ko. That always motivates a player when a caddy quits

    • Frank Michaels says:

      Ko is a money-machine … that’s what its about nowadays … what would you do …?? I’d go for the $$ I think …

  4. lawyergolfer says:

    Frank, since Ko is with IMG there is no idea what they are paying the caddie. Probably not a normal salary with percentage deal, so don’t assume Ko’s caddy will make a ton compared to what Hull will make in Europe. Annika, tried to go cheap on Terry Mac when she hired him many years ago and she was IMG and he got what he wanted.

  5. RTN says:

    Who will have more wins this year? Ko or Charley Hull? Wallington or local caddies? As of today, it’s Hull and locals.

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