What have you done for me lately?

Ko splits with caddy after major disappointment

Lydia Ko will continue to trial caddies

In the old days we had a saying, “You’re hired, to be fired”.

If she can just wait seven more weeks. 🙂

Then there was this:

Golfer gives away Masters tickets to unsuspecting junior golfer on Twitter

Reason why Koreans struggled at Kraft Nabisco Championship

Freeze-frame moment: Thompson braves Poppie’s Pond

PGA & LPGA TOUR Stars Team Up with MGM Resorts International to Provide VIP Golf – Wouldn’t be surprised if they made an appearance at Fallen Oak.

Five arrested in FBI sex trafficking sting in Augusta


2 Responses to What have you done for me lately?

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    Question for the Pro caddies … Ko just dropped another one, like her suck play is the caddies fault. Is a caddy THAT important for a professional golfer …?? I can understand a chemistry like Tom Watson had with his guy, or Michelson and his, but in the overall level of play at this level, does it make that much of a difference. I mean the golfer is the one executing the shot or putt …??

  2. Ozz says:

    Frank, your with someone for 5 hrs during elite and pressure competition, as well as, time on range, chipping and putting another few hours. The player wants or needs to have someone who they can firstly, trust with the yardages, punctual, understand her game and strategies and be honest and not be afraid to speak up if they feel wrong club decision or putt line etc. – COMMUNICATION, Not just on the golfing level, but also at a social level during those 5 hrs – a friend not just a caddie.

    I’m sure the other guys will add to what I have just mentioned.

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