Are You Kidding Me?

Lydia Ko asks for taxpayer help

I thought the headline was a joke. How can she possibly be asking for taxpayer funded financial assistance?

Lydia should pay back what they already gave her.

Someone is giving this girl some bad advice. Greed is not good.

Watched a little bit of The Masters yesterday while walking through the pro shop. Cheered every time a ball found the water. Didn’t’ even see that much today. Too busy.

Then there was this:

Airbus LPGA Classic picks up two key commitments as well as a presenting sponsor – More Korean money into the pot. Where would the LPGA be without it?

British Open widens lead over the Masters as Golf’s Top Major

8 Responses to Are You Kidding Me?

  1. Ozz says:

    If I was a Kiwi, I would be mad if Ko’s funding application was approved. As the article said, she has made more money so far this year then what is asked for. What about ALL the Sponsors, where is that money? Oh I forgot, she is with IMG.

    I bet she is now regretting leaving her NZ Coach , Caddie, Friend.
    Ah, the real world the young one has been shielded from.

  2. Frank Michaels says:

    I’m starting to dislike her …

    Bu88les 2 …

  3. ahh jrust rember she hava Asian parents ..nit troo kiwi

  4. Book'em Danno says:

    Imagine that! Arnold and the heirs of Mark McCormack extracting 15-20 % of $208K from the taxpayers of NZ. Probably shoved a blank piece of paper in front of Lydia and her Mom…..said it’s for parking privleges at Swingin Skirts. Next we’ll see the All Blacks putting in major NZ $ requests for year around massage therapists.

  5. Ozz says:

    I hope Ko will withdraw her funding application to the NZ tax payer after today’s win. We can only wait and see.

    • Book'em Danno says:

      I hope that IMG fires the sleazy rep that finessed this application past the Ko family. She’s too cool and heads up to do this, and ruin a budding, popular “Jeter -like” personality and prospective fan appreciation. IMG, please be thoroughly ashamed, and admit your gross blunder!!!

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