On Her Way

Looks as if Michelle Wie is taking charge.

Cashed in my complimentary breakfast at the Waffle House yesterday morning. Just so happened the district manager was paying a visit at the time. He personally apologized once more.

While I was eating, two bicyclists dripping wet from the morning drizzle, sat down next to me. Overheard them tell the waitress that they were on a trek from San Diego to St. Augustine. Had to be part of the Coast 2 Coast ride.

Then there was this:

Former LPGA winner Terry Jo Myers to play Patty Berg Memorial

LPGA tourney in S. Korea expands to four rounds

Lexi Thompson threw a really terrible first pitch at a Miami Marlins game

Swarm of hornets creates unwanted buzz at Malaysian Open

One Response to On Her Way

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    It took 4 years but the Golf Channel and the LPGA website pages are alive and glowing with the Bu88les victory … 6 notices on my facebook page … Angela crumbled and Bu88les was there to scoop up those crumbs …

    WEHT Jimin Kang …?? always liked her and her classy look …

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