Nothing But The Facts

April 30, 2014

2014 U.S. Women’s Open Sectional Qualifying

😦 Drove through some high water yesterday. Now the check engine light is on and the idle is too high.


Beth Ann Nichols@GolfweekNichols Hysterical RR @Kstupples: Hit a shot close to a nesting goose and she thought my ball was an egg and rolled it into her nest and sat on it

Golfweek Forecaddie@4caddie News: Tiger Woods to begin construction this summer on Bluejack National in Montgomery, Texas, a private 18-hole course to open in 2015.

Then there was this:

Still no deal on LPGA Manulife extension

Women’s U.S. Open hoping new stars will move merchandise

Women’s pro golf event in Battle Creek will help decide Potawatomi Cup

Redman to Defend Walgreens Charity Classic Title

$1M bonus added to Symetra Tour swing through Carolinas

European Tour subsidises late switch, Asia not as generous

A well-known Livermore golf coach charged with 75 felony counts

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