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May 30, 2014

Add this to the John Daly legend: $55 million in gambling losses

Then there was this:

One Woods will be playing a U.S. Open at Pinehurst

Oak Hill could hold key to LPGA return

Karen Stupples takes big steps to raise money for AC Boys and Girls Club

This Is Huge!

May 29, 2014

LPGA joins forces with PGA of America, will rebrand the LPGA Championship the Women’s PGA – The five-year deal calls for next year’s event to be played at Westchester Country Club …

More Rochester reactions:

LPGA will be missed in Rochester“Ladies golf just doesn’t produce a lot of money, … “That’s the real issue behind it, and it’s unfortunate, but that’s just the way it goes.”

Pittsford Businesses to Feel the Pain if LPGA Bolts for NYC

Leo Roth: Our loss is bigger loss for LPGA“Darn you Mike Whan.” … It’s hard to believe a product this flawed could outgrow a city our size, even in this economy.

Locust Hill Members Recall LPGA Tournament Success

Long Time Rochester LPGA Tournament Director Says It’s The “End of a Love Affair”

Mixed emotions over LPGA’s departure


Then there was this:

Arkansas golfer Emily Tubert wins Dinah Shore Trophy

Now 40, the Memorial shows it’s an elite TOUR stop

Annika Sorenstam ‘grinding’ on her golf game again

LPGA Leaving Roshester

May 28, 2014

Sources: LPGA leaving Rochester for NYC area

By far, Rochester has been the premier event every other LPGA tournament should have emulated. 

Run like a fine Swiss watch and supported by the most dedicated group of volunteers on the planet, Rochester’s run of almost four decades is a testament to the city and its voracious golf fans.

Through thick and thin, Rochesterians formed a relationship with the LPGA unmatched by any other. It’s a sad day indeed to see these two extraordinary partners go their separate ways.

Then there was this:

Southern Pines’ Donna Andrews, an LPGA Tour alum, coming out of retirement for shot

Shoal Creek to host 2018 US Women’s Open

Golf Balls as Art Coming to SP, Pinehurst

The Summer of Larry

May 27, 2014

Hope it turns out better than “The Summer of George” Seinfeld episode. YouTube clip.

It’s final. Turned in my uniforms, ID badges and name tags. They’re saving a place for me (supposedly) when we reopen.

I’ll be waiting for the call, or not.

Then there was this:

Strong play, patience put Katy Harris in ShopRite LPGA Classic field

Sorenstam to play Tahoe celebrity golf; men’s tees

Redman makes transition to coaching: Her experience has been critical to Gophers’ success

That’s All Folks

May 26, 2014

Tex and myself pulled the last two shifts before we shut down for the summer. He opened, I closed. Thought of streaking down the 18th hole, clad in nothing but my caddie bib, as a farewell tribute. That didn’t happen. I was sober all day.

Tex claimed a customer development job at The Beau and Dale an on-call limo driver’s position. He has to get his license first though.

I was one of three to take the layoff. The others were only part-timers. Everyone here was teeming with trepidation concerning the change but I was looking forward to it. I need a break from Mississippi.

I return my uniforms tomorrow but there’s one item not going back. I did find the perfect resting place for it though.

 fallen oak hat trashed

Got stung twice today by hornets. Once leaving my place and again on the return. Took my revenge with a can of hornet killer.

Then there was this:

LPGA commissioner sees room for growth

Strong play, patience put Katy Harris in ShopRite LPGA Classic field

Nearing The End

May 25, 2014

One more day and we’re closed for the summer.

Had another twofer today. First out with a singe and last out with the same. The 8am loop was a golf rater. He was impressed and was happy to hear the bunkers were being redone. That was the only drawback he could see.

Both of them wished me to drive. The second guy thought we were walking but that didn’t happen. Good thing, were would have waited all day.

We joined a threesome for our last few holes of the round. Their next stop is the Magnolia Gove Course in Mobile. Doubt if they’ll top what the ladies shot this week.

Spilled beer on my laptop keyboard. No worries. One of the features is that’s spill proof.

The ladies lit up the Airbus Classic. Years ago that course used to be brutal. Are they that good?

Then there was this:

Kraft due for purse increase

Well Deserved

May 24, 2014

Mallory Blackwelder wins the Symetra Classic in Charlotte with veteran caddie (out of retirement) Billy Prentice on the bag. This makes his tenth professional win. Congrats to both.

Twice is nice: Went out with a single at 8:00 and a foursome at 12:30. I’m pooped.

Then there was this:

LPGA and Rolex sign 10-year partnership extension

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