As It Should Be

Ko turns down funding – Now, how about giving back.

4 Responses to As It Should Be

  1. Ozz says:

    Am I missing something in the NZ article. There making out that the 2016 Olympics is the pinnacle for her. Well it is for the amateur/semi-professional athlete, but not for a pro golfer. It will just be another golf tournament (like tennis), similar to a World Cup, Ryder Cup, Solheim format.

    She will not be paying for her accommodation, uniform and all other costs associated with representing NZ at the Olympic Games. Same for ALL the other athletes representing NZ or any athlete representing their Country.

    The pinnacle is representing your Country, which she has done on many occasions.

    • lawyergolfer says:

      The pinnacle was using funds from the govt to pay for her training er golf lessons er whatever she wanted to scam from the situation. Sure, she was eligible to use funds, like other athletes, but to openly ask for the funds was a sham..period

  2. LoJo says:

    From what I’d read, the application for funding did not come from Lydia, but rather was made by NZ Golf on her behalf and not at her request. SHE did not openly ask for funds. NZ golf resubmitted the funding request. I think the recent outrage was misplaced. NZ Golf is in the “promotion” business and they were trying to maintain the promotion of NZ’s most recognizable athlete. But….correctly so, now she’s making her own way….the funding isn’t necessary.

  3. Ozz says:

    You may be correct LoJo about NZ Golf applied for the funding on Lydia’s behalf. The problem I see, is that NZ Golf is the Amateur body that controls amateur golf in NZ, just like the USGA, Golf Australia. They are in the business of promoting golf but basically at the amateur and elite amateur level.

    So as Lydia is now a professional, NZ Golf should have no interest is providing/obtaining funding for her, unless she is invited to play in their National Tournament (NZ Open) and they pay her an appearance fee. All her rights she once had as an amateur are all gone once she turned pro. Saying that, Lydia should do any promotional work for NZ Golf – FREE.

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