The More Things Change …

LPGA brings change for local courses

Going to Mobile in the morning. Will stay there for three days instead of commuting. Haven’t packed a bag in two years. Wonder what I’ll forget.


2 Responses to The More Things Change …

  1. Rick Schofield says:

    Love all your blogs and updates – keep ’em coming.

    From an ex local caddie who almost went pro but was too before his time to go pro, but wish he did – if that makes any sense.

    I also converted to loving the LPGA more than the PGA 10 years ago and saw you in person once at Locust Hill.

    I worry about a guy like you and most working Americans – how are you going to pay the bills now let alone in retirement when the outrageously overpriced medical bills start rolling in coupled with inflation?

    Rick Schofield
    Port Ewen, NY

    • lifeontour says:

      Talk about a glass half full type of guy. All that worrying will put you in the hospital. Plenty of people around the world have it much worse than us.

      You only go around once.

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