What Was I Thinking?

After being reminded by ‘Jaybird’ of the schedule (week off after Canada then The Open) and realizing my plans to find a bag for the Manulife entailed a 1,160 mile one-way trip, I reconsidered (actually it hit me like a kick in the groin) that going back on tour now was ludicrous.

Think I’ll spend a few more weeks here and see if a bag is available at the Walmart event. It’s not too far and the rent is reasonable. There’s another week off after then the British. I can return home then go to Toledo if I wish.

Luckily my apartment wasn’t let to another party but it was close. If the new tenant would have sent a deposit, I would have been on the street, or in the car, depends on your perspective.

It was great touching base with a few old friends. Plenty of new faces but the behind the scenes bull crap remains the same.

Everyone possible is in the field this week. Jamie Hullett was  planning on playing the Symetra event but is now on her way here. Better hurry, she’s in the first group.

Another last minute entry was Ashli Bunch. She’s next to last so take your time Ashli. BTW ‘The Nerd’ got the loop.

Came home to find my internet and TV service was on the fritz. After calling Cable One and following the automated troubleshooter to no avail, I was handed off to a real live body. He couldn’t determine the problem so a technician was sent.

Less than an hour later he arrived which has to be some kind of record. The trouble was found and fixed in short order.

The Open qualifier held in Virginia, following last week’s event, found ninety contestants vying four five spots. Two players were tied for the last opening and went into a playoff. After nine holes of dead even play, it was called for darkness. The final results following resumption the next morning are so.

Rebecca Lee-Bentham – CANADA

Alt – Sarah-Jane Smith – AUSTRALIA

Then there was this:

After Safeway exits LPGA Classic, a Portland company saves the day – Truly great news. Hate to lose such a historic event.

From Augusta to Pinehurst, 11-year-old Li going all the right places

Lorena Ochoa Invitational Moving to Mexico City

Erica Blasberg’s Father Struggling to Get Over Daughter’s Suicide

Symetra Tour member Jackie Stoelting wins Big Break Florida

Unluckiest Golf Shot Ever (Video) – Daily Picks and Flicks

Rory McIlroy announces split with Caroline Wozniacki days after sending out wedding invitations


3 Responses to What Was I Thinking?

  1. pcb_duffer says:

    Are there any LPGA players who are sharp enough to pay you (or some other caddy) to spend a week in Pinehurst, charting the greens for the week that the men are there? It seems to me that there are only so many potential hole locations, and even given slower green speeds for the women (I assume) a pro looper’s eye and notes could be very valuable.

  2. lifeontour says:

    The Open is the ‘friends and family’ event of the year. Most know they don’t have a chance of sniffing the cut so they make it about the experience. They are not looking for a tour hardened caddie but a companion.

  3. daveandrews723 says:

    The Open qualifier in Virginia actually awarded 6 spots. There was a 4-way playoff for the final 2 spots. M J Hur was eliminated in the first playoff hole. Dori Carter earned her spot with a birdie on the 2nd hole. Then Rebecca and Sarah Jane played 8 more holes head-to-head for the last spot. A par 4 was halved. Then they played a par 3 six times before play was halted by darkness. They came back the following morning and Rebecca won the hole with a par (up and down from a bunker) while Sarah Jane chipped on from off the green but missed her par putt. I was on Rebecca’s bag and barely survived the day… haha. Here is my story about it. A great two days I won’t forget. http://www.intothegrain.com/marathon-day-on-the-bag/

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