Nearing The End

One more day and we’re closed for the summer.

Had another twofer today. First out with a singe and last out with the same. The 8am loop was a golf rater. He was impressed and was happy to hear the bunkers were being redone. That was the only drawback he could see.

Both of them wished me to drive. The second guy thought we were walking but that didn’t happen. Good thing, were would have waited all day.

We joined a threesome for our last few holes of the round. Their next stop is the Magnolia Gove Course in Mobile. Doubt if they’ll top what the ladies shot this week.

Spilled beer on my laptop keyboard. No worries. One of the features is that’s spill proof.

The ladies lit up the Airbus Classic. Years ago that course used to be brutal. Are they that good?

Then there was this:

Kraft due for purse increase


7 Responses to Nearing The End

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    So far the Korean chicks have zoned out this season … they dominated the leaderboards in years past …

  2. Ozz says:

    Maybe the American girls have pulled their finger out and doing some serious work. Example, what has caused the Wie turn around this year?

  3. ahh Ozz, wiesy not americran..she speaka Korean arr the trime…maybre she gotta rucky..ror

  4. Ozz says:

    AJC, if she is not American, how has she got to play Solheim Cup for the USA on 3 occasions.

    But I understand where your coming from..

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