That’s All Folks

Tex and myself pulled the last two shifts before we shut down for the summer. He opened, I closed. Thought of streaking down the 18th hole, clad in nothing but my caddie bib, as a farewell tribute. That didn’t happen. I was sober all day.

Tex claimed a customer development job at The Beau and Dale an on-call limo driver’s position. He has to get his license first though.

I was one of three to take the layoff. The others were only part-timers. Everyone here was teeming with trepidation concerning the change but I was looking forward to it. I need a break from Mississippi.

I return my uniforms tomorrow but there’s one item not going back. I did find the perfect resting place for it though.

 fallen oak hat trashed

Got stung twice today by hornets. Once leaving my place and again on the return. Took my revenge with a can of hornet killer.

Then there was this:

LPGA commissioner sees room for growth

Strong play, patience put Katy Harris in ShopRite LPGA Classic field


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