The Summer of Larry

Hope it turns out better than “The Summer of George” Seinfeld episode. YouTube clip.

It’s final. Turned in my uniforms, ID badges and name tags. They’re saving a place for me (supposedly) when we reopen.

I’ll be waiting for the call, or not.

Then there was this:

Strong play, patience put Katy Harris in ShopRite LPGA Classic field

Sorenstam to play Tahoe celebrity golf; men’s tees

Redman makes transition to coaching: Her experience has been critical to Gophers’ success


3 Responses to The Summer of Larry

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    Why does a golf course close in the summer …?? isn’t that prime-time for business …vacations,,nice weather, etc … weird

    • lifeontour says:

      They’re removing about 20 bunkers and reshaping the others making them more playable. Also installing a new drainage system in them. Better Billy Bunker.

      The 14th green is being reduced in size 25% and other improvements will take 2 months. Add another month for growth.

      Our busiest seasons are spring and fall. Summer is brutal in Mississippi.

  2. lawyergolfer says:

    frank, you must live in Alaska or have never played golf in the south is deadsville. Most lose money in the summer, cheap golf prices and no tourists

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