LPGA Leaving Roshester

Sources: LPGA leaving Rochester for NYC area

By far, Rochester has been the premier event every other LPGA tournament should have emulated. 

Run like a fine Swiss watch and supported by the most dedicated group of volunteers on the planet, Rochester’s run of almost four decades is a testament to the city and its voracious golf fans.

Through thick and thin, Rochesterians formed a relationship with the LPGA unmatched by any other. It’s a sad day indeed to see these two extraordinary partners go their separate ways.

Then there was this:

Southern Pines’ Donna Andrews, an LPGA Tour alum, coming out of retirement for shot

Shoal Creek to host 2018 US Women’s Open

Golf Balls as Art Coming to SP, Pinehurst


3 Responses to LPGA Leaving Roshester

  1. Rick Schofield says:

    The LPGA wants more tournaments and more money. Why don’t they have both a tournament in Rochester AND one in the NYC metro area every year?

    Rick Schofield
    Port Ewen, NY

  2. Ozz says:

    They used to have tournaments in Corning, Rochester and NYC every year.

  3. bocajr says:

    once Rochester bailed out the lpga and made it a major, they didn’t want to go back to a regular tour event. They didn’t want to go backward in the relationship..who wouldn’t want to have a 1.5 mil event back there, but eventually they would have to keep upping the purse and would be right back where they are now. There apparently no other major sponsor in the area to take the event on, what a shame!

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