All tours suffer when The US Open is on the horizon.

Tweet from Dave Andrews: Unusual week on the LPGA and the Symetra Tour…
The LPGA can’t fill the field at its event in Waterloo, Ontario, the Manulife. There are far fewer than 144 players in the field and they have gone through every active player with LPGA playing status. And the Symetra Tour has gone down to #350 or so on its priority list in order to fill the 144-player field in its event in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Here’s a brilliant idea. I have the LPGA app on my Nexus 7. Alerts such as the start of play or updates on one of my favorite players are given in white text on a white background. Anyone see a problem with that? I later updated the app. Maybe that will fix it.

Then there was this:

LPGA golfer sells unoccupied Legends Bay for $2.1 million

LPGA Commissioner Hopes the Tour Will One Day Return to Rochester

Catching up with Coachella Valley golf pros

LPGA willing to take chances to improve its game

Caddy, champ combine for laughs, tour wins


5 Responses to Cannibalization

  1. Ozz says:

    I know the LPGA has a Anti Doping program, but have they done a swab on Michelle Wie this year. There needs to be an explanation of her game in 2014 compared to other years.

    To be #2 on many Stats tables including Money List, something has happened. Maybe someone can provide some insight into the possible reason(s). Did Nike take away her money! Did she divorce her parents!

    • Awsi Dooger says:

      I followed Michelle for three rounds during the Titleholder’s event last November in Naples. Her game was virtually identical to today — stinger 3 woods and hybrid that don’t always reach 10 feet off the ground, dependable iron play with rarely a missed green, and moderate generally tentative putting.

      I specified those aspects on the major golf sites. It was hilarious early this season when Kay Cockerill was emphasizing on Golf Channel that Michelle is a high ball hitter. She obviously never walked the course at all after Michelle’s recent change in philosophy. It still isn’t fully appreciated how low Michelle hits it off the tee, other than the rare occasions she pulls driver.

      The past two seasons Michelle happened to make major changes at the very end of the season. I saw the debut of her tabletop putting style at Naples in November 2012, before there was any mention in the press. Then she started the stinger style at the end of 2013. It was probably mere coincidence. Since the LPGA takes a long winter break, and there isn’t the weekly fixation by the press, changes can happen without much notice, unlike the PGA.

      Michelle currently is a more confident and refined version of the player I saw in November 2013. Otherwise the basics haven’t changed at all. She essentially has found a way to reduce the erratic problems of her height. The tabletop method allows her to putt like a shorter player, and the abbreviated swing with the stinger style enables her to be more consistent like a shorter player. Look it up, virtually every great female player in the past 15+ seasons has been exactly 5 foot 6. That’s the ideal blend of height and wiry power.

      The online goofs who have made ongoing fools of themselves by ripping Michelle for the past decade were always too stupid to realize that they had a built-in advantage in Michelle’s height. If she were 5-6 like Yani, Annika, Se Ri, Karrie and so many others, Michelle would never have been so inconsistent. Now she’s found a way to reduce that, but it’s unlikely to last at full strength. Fixes are fragile.

      • Book'em Danno says:

        Awsi D, Your 5′ 6″ vs 6′ theory sounds like smoke and mirrors to me. Unless you have some kind of muscle mass / engineering data to fall back on, I ain’t buying it.

  2. lawyergolfer says:

    by your comparison, Davis Love at 6’4 cant play golf as good as Jack Nicklaus who was maybe 5’11..really? Ana Nordquist is 6’0 and one of the best putters on LPGA, so Michelle Wie has to bend over to be 5’6 to be a good putter..hmmm…maybe Wie isn’t as good at reading greens or is just an average putter. Each course she plays is a par 68 with her length, so shooting 71 for her is over par. Think about it AD

    • Edward says:

      I would be careful with the 5-6 theory as well. Do we know whether Annika, Yani, Se Ri, and Karrie are, in fact, 5-6 or do they just claim to be that height? I would bet that if you lined them up you would notice height variations.

      The purported/claimed/listed heights of athletes are notoriously unreliable. Joe Namath was always listed at 6-2 but he was a lucky 6 feet. He just wasn’t that tall.

      Bobby Orr was listed at 6 feet but I was standing near him at a Ford dealership promotion in Toronto a couple of years back and he was at least an inch or two shorter than me. (I’m 5-11.)

      Basketball official heights have been “negotiable” as well in the modern era: few of their fellow players believed that Willis Reed or Bill Russell were anywhere near their official 6-10.

      An LPGA example I can think of is Mi-Hyun Kim. She was listed at 5-1 but I think she admitted to being just 4-11. I believe it. I saw her at the 2006 Canadian Open and she’s tiny.

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