US Open Bites

Quite a restoration of Pinhurst #2. From a TV watcher’s perspective, the parched turf seems out of place in the US. I’m sure the $400 greens fee is well worth it though.

Husky golfers upset for being placed in U.S. Open ‘heavyweights’ group… Fay said he went “over the top” when, as Feinstein writes, “he had put three women together at the Women’s Open because he knew all three of them were in therapy.”

That’s one way to group them. 🙂

Ken Duke put his tee ball in a bush on nine, took an unplayable then holed it out. Easy peasy …

Donaldson and Mahan hit each other’s ball. They owned up to it and took the penalty. What a concept.

Watched more footy today. Mexico vs Cameroon this time. No referee miscues resulting in a free kick in this one.


One Response to US Open Bites

  1. tommyTommy G says:

    he did not take an unplayable used his putter backhanded into the bunker and Shane to bunker shot no unplayabl

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