Back In The Saddle

At least for a week. Picked up Lorie Kane through the caddie grapevine and it’ll only cost me dinner.

There was five or six of us in the caddie tent when a player came in looking for a caddie. The word was out that she was going to pay daily and given her status – not in the pro-am and probably won’t make the cut –  no one was jumping up to take the job. A local was promised for tomorrow’s play.

The afternoon qualifier was delayed at 3:16 due to thunderstorms. Don’t know if they finished.

Scraper, Motorcycle, Green Van and myself had a great time reminiscing in the caddie tent on days gone bye. Most of it was about The Corning Classic.

The Post Time bar, softball games, OTB, the Evergreen Motel, Jamaican Dave, Big Earl’s face-first flop in the mud running to first base (which was aired at the Post Time in a continuous loop on their big screen), the caddie closest to the pin contest (won by yours truly twice), the caddie shack next to the tenth tee with complimentary hot dogs and beer, the Wood Memorial golf tournament, putting contest downtown, Elmer (the traveling golf instructor of Sandra Palmer and others) almost getting his noggin crushed by the ball on top of the newly erected flagpole when it fell to the ground next to the concession tent, Patty Hayes, Cindy Rarick, The Otis (a game in which you picked which player would fall or rise the farthest – like an elevator – and the Corning Classic’s final demise.

You could make a movie about the tournament alone. Not much money back then but the memories are priceless.


4 Responses to Back In The Saddle

  1. Ozz says:

    Larry, you won’t be baby sitting for the week and will have many memories to talk about with Lorie. Lorie is still competitive out there.

    Is Danny still out there?

  2. lifeontour says:

    Danny has worked for Thomas Aiken in Europe for almost a year.

  3. Tim Tam Eater says:

    I think corning is where a caddy stole a golf cart and drove it to town to go to a bar and left it in the parking lot. Handicap parking spot of course

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