Saddle Sores

Not exactly in the area of the saddle but it’s all relative.

Played only twelve holes for which I am very thankful. No matter how much you exercise, toting that bag on your back adds a new dynamic to the mix and it takes its toll. Combine that with mushy fairways and my dogs are really hurtin’. Felt a few unfamiliar tugs on my hamstrings also, especially climbing the hill to nine green.

Did prevent the dreaded monkey-butt with a pre-lube. So I got that going for me.

All the current and former tour loopers snagged a bag. Green Van got one of the qualifiers and Motorcycle Heather Bowie.

We played the front with Heather and Laura Diaz who had Pete Smith on the bag. Only took me a hole and a half to lose a head cover. Laura went back and retrieved it though.

Pete told the story on how he was rejected for a caddie position by PGA National even though he had stellar references going in. They claimed he flunked the psychological profile. That’s what tour caddie life can do to you. He eventually got into a better club and had the last laugh. Even if it is a little scary.

As I went back to the caddie lot to get a different, another looper went for his fishing pole. With an hour to kill, he tried his luck in the pond on 15.

There was additional cash in caddie’s pockets who wished to work a tad extra at The Open. The USGA paid $50 a day plus a bonus to keep stats on their players shots. If you made the cut and complied with the agreement, an extra $550 would be burning a hole in your pocket.

Then there was this:

Paula Creamer meets with soldiers, families at Fort Bragg


One Response to Saddle Sores

  1. tommyTommy G says:

    good post people don’t realize how hard it is lugging that bag and you my friend are in really good Caddy shape remember back in the day before we had year-round jobs caddying you could walk down the hall and smeel the bengay I workout 5 days a week but in no way am I in caddy shape someone asked me to loop for them about a month ago and I respectfully declined I think all the caddies no matter how big there beer belly maybe are in great shape good luck this week you’ll be fine

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